Sick, sick, sick

Well, I’ve been healthy for a week now; but last week marked the end of the most gruelling flu I’ve ever had; I missed over a week and a half of work. It started out mild enough, just a sore throat. Then for half of the next day, I was unable to speak in anything but a hoarse whisper. By the weekend (which was a three-day weekend, Memorial Day weekend), and on through the next week, I spent pretty much all day in bed, racked with full-body, energy-draining coughs. Coughs that felt like I was gonna eject a lung. And, yeah, constant nose-blowing. For Memorial Day weekend, I also had really annoying muscle aches, that absolutely prevented me from feeling any kind of comfortable.

I actually still have a little bit of that cough. In fact, this morning I had a bit of a coughing fit.

I don’t ever want to be that freaking sick, not ever again. Not even when I’m 75 and figure I have it coming. Guess if anything’s gonna motivate me to start eating right and exercising a bit, maybe this will, just to help keep from ever feeling that lousy again. I’m definitely going to take up vitamin C and D supplements (BTW, did you know about the recent studies that indicate that vitamin D reduces cancer risks in women by 60%? That’s twice as effective as quitting smoking! It also appears to be very effective for men as well), and I will be first in line for the next batch of flu vaccinations.