Kiss My Optimus Maximus

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. ;-))

A while back I mentioned this keyboard that had been generating a lot of buzz for a while, and which I totally wanted: the Optimus Maximus keyboard. Every key is an array of OLEDs, whose image is customizable, programmable, animatable, etc. You could have the entire keyboard change its look depending on what use you’re putting it to: have function keys switch their appearance to indicate what they do; have the glyphs on the keys change depending on what character set you’re typing in (Cyrillic? Japanese Kana?), etc.

Anyway, it was recently made available for preorder (already sold out). But at around this time I discovered its going price, at over $1500. A bit out of my price range; looks like I’m going to have to go without one of these! :-/