In-Browser Games

I’ve written a number of html5/JavaScript games you can play in your browser. Several of them I wrote as part of the Ludum Dare 48-hour program-a-game-from-scratch competition.

Note that most of these have been tested on the latest (at the time they were written) versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and maybe Safari, but most of them probably weren’t tested much on Internet Explorer.

Super Small-io World

My submission for Ludum Dare #38, Super Small-io World‘s game mechanic is basically a 2D rendition of Super Mario Galaxy’s jumping from one world to another. I spent most of my time getting the game mechanic just the way I liked it, and on Sunday, with just a few hours left, I had no actual game to speak of, just worlds and jumping between them. So I scribbled a sprite for some bad guys, added in some coins, with a coin respawn that makes it challenging, but not impossible with practice, and voilá! Game.

Gate Arena (needs a better name)

Gate Arena screenshotGate Arena is a work-in-progress game. Fairly complete, and the control scheme and game physics are kind of cool, but the game doesn’t really advance yet.

It’s loosely based on my favorite video game from the Intellivision era, Tron Deadly Discs (click here for a video of Tron Deadly Discs gameplay).


Anticon screenshotMy submission for Ludum Dare #32 was AntiCon (click here for the local version of AntiCon if the previous link at LudumDare stops working). It’s kind of a scrolling-shooter kind of game, but with a novel weapon mechanic. The badguys do shoot at you in this game, and the sound effects were a lot of fun to make. 🙂

Friendly Baubles

Friendly BaubleAnother game I wrote, this one as part of the 30th semi-annual Ludum Dare 48-hour game programming challenge. It’s a very simple, Bubble Bobble kind of shooter, where you have to find common ground between friends in your various “worlds” in order to progress.

Global Game Jam 2017 – Wave or Die

The game I made in conjunction with a team of coders, artists, and generalists. This time, rather than taking on the role of coder, I acted as the composer instead, and wrote the music loop used for this game. When I wasn’t composing, though, I did pitch in for the C# code in Unity, and wrote the code to integrate my music into the game, and also several of the sound effects that others recorded or found (“others” being mostly, if not entirely, Katie Dyer).

The Global Game Jam page for our game has a few downloadable options (PC and Mac, I believe), and you can play an HTML5/WebGL version here (but be aware that it’s a 21mb download, so might take a minute to start).

Training Jam 2016 – Fire Extinguisher training game

Training Jam 2016 screenshotOur submission for Training Jam 2016, myself on code and sounds, and Randy Komforty on artwork. We didn’t get nearly as far along on this project as we hoped to, primarily due to my violation of the cardinal rule of game jams: never be developing the game engine itself for the game you’re making. Ah well, it still showcases my cool homegrown game camera implementation, and Randy’s awesome art assets, done with Blender and a bit of Gimp. 🙂


volleyI wrote a sort of web Pong-like game you can play in your browser. (Based on an old arcade conversion of Pong, called Rebound.)

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