I’m currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer at Akamai Technologies, where I help maintain one of two primary operating systems they deploy on their large distributed network. The operating system platform I maintain is based on the open-source Ubuntu operating system, which is a flavor of Linux. My primary job duty is to maintain updates and custom patches to the Ubuntu software packages we use in this operating system, but more of my time is spent on ancillary tasks, such as scripts that streamline building, patching, or task-tracking.

Linux (and Unix) software development isn’t just something I do for a paycheck; it’s something I enjoy doing with my off-work hours as well. I’m an active user and developer of Free and open source software. Among the various things I’ve spent my time on are Gnu Wget, for which I was the project maintainer for a few years, and Gnu Teseq, a terminal escape sequences decoder tool that I authored and maintain.

See my projects page for other software projects I’ve played a chief role in. I’ve also contributed code to a few other open-source software projects (such as vim, tmux, and the Linux kernel), which you can see in more detail on my Ohloh page.

For a background story of how I got into the Unix/Linux world, see my education-and-career page; for employment history, see my curriculum vitæ.

Google Summer of Code

I’ve been involved in Google Summer of Code in the past, which is an incentive program funded and hosted by Google, to encourage college students to be active in the Free/Libre and open source software communities.

I served as the organization administrator for gnu for two years (2008, 2009), and as a project mentor for Gnu Wget for three years (2008, 2009, 2012). Projects I mentored included adding support Wget for internationalized urls (iris), and concurrent downloads, with support for the Metalink data format.

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