Too Many Bad Games

Well. Not exactly the most glorious of first posts… but I wanted to put this down somewhere before I forget it.

There are too many bad games. The fact is, most games suck. It’s the greatest danger to the future of this business. There’s a real danger of an Atari 2600 episode here, given the oversupply of poor quality content, followed by consumers abandoning the platform.

Mitch Lasky, Senior VP of mobile

I found this quote through slashdot -> Next Generation.

I posted it here because it really follows what I’ve been thinking for a while now: and that is that decent-quality games are becoming more and more rare. I think, given the context of the article, Mr Lasky is speaking specifically of mobile gaming; but I feel that the same could be said of the current gaming industry in general. I’m waiting longer and longer for my next “fix”, and becoming more and more disappointed with the offerings.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) was, truly, a deep gust of fresh air. It sets in contrast the great many other games of the same year that are woefully lacking.

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