I picked up a Wii yesterday. 😀

I’ve been calling over at the local Game Crazy every day since Monday of last week. I’d been told they get them in about once every couple weeks. Finally, when I called yesterday, I was told that they got them in, but already sold them—but I was told I should call around to the other locations, since they generally get them at the same time. So I called, and they had ’em, I sprinted over (but it took an hour to get out there, since Sara had the car so had to swing by to get me, after picking Joy up from school). Anyway, they still had one left, so I snapped it up. I spent more than I really wanted to, but they gave me a good deal on used games (buy 2, get a 3rd free), which was only available with the purchase of the console; I also had to purchase a second Wiimote and accompanying Nunchuk attachment. As I’d planned to, I got the second Wiimote by purchasing WiiPlay, which comes with the Wiimote and is only $10 more than a regular one.

Haven’t spent much time with it yet, obviously, but it’s blowing me away so far. It’s such a great gaming platform. Playing Tennis on WiiSports is fun—you play it by actually swinging your Wiimote like it’s a tennis racket, and you can actually feel the impact of the tennis ball (thanks to the rumble motor), and hear it ricochet off, from the Wiimote’s built-in speaker. Another game I’ve played is Elebits, where you’re looking through rooms for these little creatures. To pull something open, slap it aside, or push it over, you just… pull it open, slap it aside, or push it over. It really engages you to participate in the game in ways never before possible.

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