BTW: Aquaria

A while ago I mentioned a great-looking new shareware game coming out, called Aquaria. Well, it’s out now, I’ve played the demo, I plan to buy it (birthday present to myself?), it’s great. Go get it!

The bad news? Only out for PC at the moment. Mac version will be out shortly; it’s unclear whether there will be a version for x86-based GNU/Linux systems, but I couldn’t get it to work under Wine—it might yet, perhaps, with a bit more tinkering… but on my laptop running Ubuntu 7.10 (“Gutsy Gibbon”), the framerate was something like a frame per second-or-two. 😕

Update: Apparently, it does work with the latest versions of Wine from the official Wine repositories (as opposed to the ones that ship for Ubuntu). Good news. 🙂