I sorta Liked the fellow, actually

Another excellent piece by DagoodS at ExChristian.Net, responding to a debate between Christian author and speaker Rick Warren, and outspoken atheist Sam Harris. DagoodS takes issue with Warren’s appeal to the tired argument that Christians are perpetually claiming about atheists:

You’re more spiritual than you think. You just don’t want a boss. You don’t want a God who tells you what to do.

(Warren also states, “I’ve never met an atheist who wasn’t angry.” Guess I’ll have to introduce myself sometime.)

DagoodS refutes the claim quite roundly, discussing how pleasant and comforting it is to know that God has your back, when you’re out of a job looking for work and trying to make ends meet, or is ensuring you don’t slam full-speed into a tree as you dodge deftly between them during a skiing outing, or is keeping your child safe as you begin to realize that you’ve lost him or her while together at the mall. He clearly misses these assurances, as do I.

“Want” has nothing whatsoever to do with my belief there is no god. It has to do with evidence. In fact, quite the contrary, there are many things I find pleasing in a god belief. It does not make a god exist, however.

Please do check out the rest of this very well-thought (as usual) article.