Flashback NES System

About a month ago, I impulse-bought the Flashback system (can’t find the website, but here’s the Flashback on Amazon), which plays NES/Famicom carts. Comes with two controllers with A and B buttons, shoulder-button equivalents, and turbo button versions. Supports PAL and NTSC video outputs, and uses RCA-style output cables.

When I bought it, I didn’t have any NES carts, so I didn’t even bother opening it. Yesterday Kirby arrived thanks to eBay, so here’s a shot of my system:

The Flashback

I had no idea the thing was so friggin’ small… it’s actually kinda cute. Except when there’s a cartridge in it.The system is, like, half the size of the NES carts you plug into it! (Not volumetrically, but from a 2D visual standpoint.

The one thing I wish it had is a power LED, so you know when it’s powered on.