Global Warming A Myth After All?

(Sorry I haven’t posted in a month; I’ve been busy with programming projects. I’ll post more about them when I’m more ready. This article seemed worth citing.)

Summary: Despite Gore’s “vast majority of scientists” agreeing, the actual community of scientists whose profession and experience actually have to do with understanding climate change are in disagreement regarding the existence of global warming as a phenomenon.

Update: if you look at the comments, you’ll see that I was pretty much immediately notified that the article’s veracity is in question. Thanks to Bruce Perens for doing a follow-up and looking closer, and to thickslab for bringing Bruce’s retraction to my attention (otherwise, I wouldn’t have noticed until the next Crypto-Gram!).

I had wondered how that tied in with observations I’d heard from people who really are in the climate-change-causes field. Though, the article only claims that that community of scientists have not reached a “consensus,” not that they all think that global warming is bunk.

Here’s a rebuttal to the content of the article.

While it would be an ad hominem argument to discount the article entirely merely because it turns out that its author is a paid political PR agent, and the article does actually raise some important points, it also seems clear that some of the points are deliberately misleading. Take it with about a pound of salt…