So, when people who’ve known me throughout my Christian life ask me about my atheism, and the thinking process that led me “away from Christ”, I’ve generally pointed them at a page in my blog listing all my posts from the “Religion” category; for a detailed look at my thoughts on religion (especially Christianity), you should still see that section. But there are now too many posts for me to realistically expect that I can just drop the link to Christian friends and have them read everything. So I’ve created this page to highlight the articles that address why I’m at where I’m at, when it comes to Christianity, religion, and belief in God.

  • Lost Credibility
    On scriptural problems, my struggles with faith and doubt, and the beginnings of my “coming out” as an atheist. The article was also posted to, where there were several comments.
  • My Trigger
    Discussing problems with Christian culture, and some experiences where Actual Reality differed significantly from Reality as claimed by the Bible.
  • The Day I Questioned
    This is the first post I wrote on my journey away from faith, on the first contradiction from Biblical accounts that I couldn’t resolve. It was a small one, but it was nonetheless a contradiction, and one I just couldn’t find a justifiable explanation for.
  • What God Doesn’t Explain
    An unusually brief (especially for me) statement about why the existence of a God/Creator doesn’t actually answer any of our questions about the origins of the universe, or life. In other words, why I’m an atheist rather than an agnostic.
  • The Good Side of Religion
    To provide a bit of balance, this article refutes a fellow atheist’s claim that “no one does any good that follows from religious belief.” The article, and some of the follow-up comments I link to back on Barefoot Bum’s site, cover a lot of the things that I feel were positive aspects of religious belief and practice.