Ditty Homepage

There are some old links referring to this location as the homesite of the program Ditty. Because of that, I threw up this temporary page to provide access to the latest version of that program. In a few weeks, maybe a couple months, this page will be reworked to make an actually decent project page. At that time, the official location of this page will also be changed to something in the micah.cowan.name domain, as I plan to let cowanbox.com expire next year.

The version of Ditty provided here is 0.6x - the previous version was 0.2, but is not provided here because, in all honesty, it was an utter piece of crap, which I am very embarrassed to have ever written. Even the current version isn't great, but I at least gave it a good enough overhaul that I was willing to release it to the public eye once again, although it is still nothing like how it would be if I were to write it from scratch now.

Ditty has been adopted into the Debian testing hierarchy, and is available from packages.debian.org

About Ditty

Ditty enables you to play simple melodies from the command line. It does not require a sound card, as it can use the built-in speaker to play these melodies just as easily. However, using the built-in speaker requires either that you are using it directly from the console terminal (not xterm), or you have root priveleges.

Some things that may make ditty fun to use are:


Okay, okay, enough talk. Get it here. Happy?

Or, you can get any previous versions (after 0.2) at the ftp site, here.

Finally, if you are accessing this site through a firewall which doesn't allow FTP, you can get it over HTTP by clicking here.